Jewelry Innovations Receives New Patent for Serinium®

SANDY, Utah–([1])–Jewelry Innovations LLC, distributor of fine jewelry and developer of
high-tech jewelry alloys, today announced the issuance of a new patent
for Serinium®, The Precious Contemporary Metal™, by the U.S. Patent and
Trademark Office. The issuance of this patent to Jewelry Innovations’
sister company, Mythrial Metals LLC, gives legal recognition to
Serinium®’s unique qualities and composition.

Serinium® is the finest and safest of the contemporary jewelry metals,
combining the best qualities of other contemporary metals with none of
the drawbacks. Ultra-hard and bright silver-white in color, Serinium® is
hypoallergenic, will never oxidize or tarnish, and unlike other
contemporary jewelry metals, Serinium® jewelry can be safely and easily
removed in an emergency with commonly available tools. Serinium® is also
the only contemporary jewelry metal with strong appeal to both women and
men, particularly Millennials.

This patent will lead to the first contemporary metal bridal ring sets
which will be shipped this holiday.

“The beauty and technology of Serinium® is unique in the jewelry
industry,” said Harry Rosenthal, CEO of Jewelry Innovations, adding,
“and it comes without the high social and environmental costs associated
with gold mining. This patent, together with our additional pending
patent applications, will strengthen our portfolio of intellectual
property as we continue to offer our customers the finest, safest and
most innovative products.”

Serinium® men’s rings have proven extremely successful, and are
currently sold in thousands of retail stores throughout North America. A
full collection of Serinium® women’s bridal and fashion jewelry,
including the first contemporary metal bridal sets, is in production and
will be shipping beginning in the third quarter of 2016.

Patent U.S. 9,289,037

About Jewelry Innovations

For over 25 years, Jewelry Innovations has been manufacturing and
distributing fine jewelry to retail store customers in the United States
and Canada. With special expertise in high-technology contemporary
metals and youthful, innovative designs, JI is the front wave of
emerging trends in the jewelry industry, and is the sole licensee and
distributor of Serinium® jewelry.

For more information contact:

Jewelry Innovations LLC
615 West 9400 South, Suite 105
UT 84070
Attn: Public Relations
(801) 572-0170[2][3]


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