Leah Smithson’s Couture Jewelry and Wearable Art Pieces Available at Talon and The Suneaters

    LOS ANGELES, CA, October 13, 2016 /24-7PressRelease/ — Rising designer and mix media artist Leah Smithson recently announced the launch of her online jewelry, Talon and The Suneaters. Stocked with necklaces, chokers, ear cuffs and other handcrafted designs, Talon and The Suneaters introduce a hot line of exclusive items.

The custom pieces from Talon and The Suneaters are inspired by Leah Smithson’s artistic visions. Crafted of porcelain, each item is carefully sculpted into an art piece which is then assembled into jewelry. Talon and The Suneaters offer a wide variety of beautiful items, to shop online visit: talonandthesuneaters.com

In a recent statement regarding her work Smithson said, “I use movement, color, and texture in my art to touch people’s emotions, transporting them to another place in time or a different dimension of perspective.”

Smithson’s creative edge and thematic approach have given her the ability to work with several different types of art forms. And, although she is apparently very skilled at design and sculpting, her artist talent also extends into drawing and painting. For more information on Leah Smithson and her contemporary art and design, please visit www.leahsmithson.com[1].

About Talon and The Suneaters

Each couture jewelry porcelain piece began as seeds of inspiration from original paintings by Leah Smithson. After a few sketches, a clay sculpture is developed as a model for future pieces to spring from. Each flower is delicately sculpted by hand, petal by petal to be translucent enough to carry the rays of the sun as it drapes around your body. Ultimately, all sculpted art pieces are carefully assembled into jewelry at our San Francisco Bay area studio by artists that hold to a strong work ethic of quality design and craftsmanship.

Official website: www.leahsmithson.com[2]

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